Evolution of Cooking Food Over Time

The “true story of cooking food” as we understand it today, begins with the history of man.

The history of food and gastronomy, in general, is a path closely linked to the events that have marked social action over the centuries. The search for food and the struggle to obtain it has often led to the growth of (or disappearance) entire civilizations, giving rise to extreme wars and great migrations of peoples.

But let’s briefly see the history of cooking through the ages.

An image of cooking in stove.

True Forms of Cooking 

The first true forms of cooking milestones, in the history of cooking, appear immediately with man, since the primitive era. In fact, in the caves, the cooking of the food was practiced on the open fire to make some natural foods edible, otherwise difficult to eat. Many of times, people would eat the trees. Nowadays, we don’t even eat trees, we hire tree trimmers for them. A lot more has changed even since!… Read the rest