Cooking Classes for Kids

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The simplicity of the recipes is discovered as taste meets lightness, and the power of colors meets the cheerfulness and curiosity of children who want to know more and more.

Teaching new menus for catering and home dinners traditional. Sardinian cuisine – creative – vegan and vegetarian and for intolerants, preparing delicious and, beautifully themed finger food appetizers with the children, especially to teach younger children. They learn many things through cooking classes, like:


They learn to peel potatoes, cucumber, apple, any vegetable or fruit, and by peeling these vegetables and different types of fruits, they learn more about the names of the fruits and vegetables of different countries.


By starting to use knives, children learn to better control a knife and methods of cutting fruit or vegetables more easily. Some even know how to make several impressive decorations that amaze anyone.


By squeezing a lemon or fruit, you can learn the different methods in which you can have more juice from that vegetable or fruit in the most appropriate way. In order not to waste food, and to get as much as possible from fruit and vegetable, it is very necessary to know these methods.

Cracking the Eggs 

Being able to break an egg is a useful skill in the kitchen. It is a necessary gesture for every preparation, from scrambled eggs to more complex recipes, with the help of a solid surface, you can break an egg easily and, transfer its contents to a bowl without contemplating that there are pieces of shell. 

Removing seeds 

By, removing seeds children can learn how to divide everything in the right place and about cleaning a vegetable or fruit from seeds, that’s why even that part in a cooking class is very valuable to teach a child who wants to explore and learn new things about cooking.


Being able to mix one ingredient well with the other is a fundamental thing in the kitchen. If during the preparation, you are not accurate to mix the ingredients well, the sopor of the dish, you prepare with intensity is wasted, because without a good mixing the dish, loses the true flavor of the kitchen and the various spices. For this reason, it is necessary to pay more attention to mixing spices, to give the right value, and the perfect taste that a dish deserves.

Math Concept Such as Adding Veggies to the Soup 

Having the ability to choose the right ingredients or exact vegetables that can best expand the flavor and the aroma of a dish and one of the qualities that few have. For this reason, it is very important to learn from childhood to get to know better or to experience the flavor of different vegetables during cooking to know/ how to choose the right vegetables or suitable ingredients for a magnificent dish.

Well at the end of all this, we can say that behind every action in the kitchen, there is something very important that children learn through cooking lessons. And today the priority, is increasingly on this topic, above all because the kitchen has a very important role in the development of a child.

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