Cooking Nutritious Dishes

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It is a scientific guide on cancer nutrition, from the theory with the most authoritative scientific sources to recipes for healthy, nutritious, and delicious dishes, for all those who care about good food and their health because it contains rules that have general value.

Too often, unfortunately, the prevention guidelines are confused with what are instead the indications in clinical nutrition for a normal person or a patient with active pathology and anticlastic treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or immunotherapy).

Nutritious Food

We also live in the era of “I know everything” where everyone is an expert on everything, but often they are only improvised characters and too often without scientific training. There are hundreds of examples of nutritional food, especially on the web.

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On the contrary, the main references for adults, the elderly, or children are not advised on nutrition or worse, give them incorrectly. This is a sore point that cannot be postponed, above all because the main cause of death for an adult, elderly person, or children could be malnutrition.

Scientific Approach 

Given that there are no reference standards in nutrition and that there is no diet that makes death or health problems disappear. But it can always be improved, and that is why we must be as scientific as possible when we approach this topic. We must give the best tips, primarily aimed at ensuring a good metabolic condition, and a state of normal weight, avoiding loss of lean body mass. This scientific approach can help you to improve our health and body nutrition.

Nutritious, Tasty Food 

We have a wide range of choices to eat healthily and to taste our food at the same time by following some specific recipes:

Oat soup, black cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, mushrooms, and fresh turmeric. A hot, colorful, and tasty soup that will captivate you.

For the time indicated in the package, cook the oats in a large pot with plenty of vegetable broth. 15 minutes before the end of cooking, add the well-washed vegetables and cut into thin slices or small pieces (the Jerusalem artichoke must first be washed and brushed and then peeled).

Mix well, add the chopped chives, and part of the turmeric grated—season with salt. Finish cooking by stirring occasionally.

Lemon and red fruit biscuits. Delicious and fragrant, these 100% vegetable biscuits are naturally sweetened thanks to the dried fruit and added sugar. Without added sugar and 100% vegetable. For a more aromatic and fragrant result, use cedar instead of lemon. The number of red fruits can be mixed and include if you also like some Goji berries or dried plum (in small pieces) blended in the dough. The result will be slightly sweet and very pleasant. The baking powder can be replaced with a dose (sachet) of cream of tartar.

However delicate this treatment is, it is still possible to eat scientifically correctly and with a taste not only in the present but also in the future.

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