Cooking with Social Network

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On the internet, you can find all the cooking video lessons that come to your mind: professional, amateur, creative. You can solve a doubt about a traditional dish or look for innovative recipes to tastefully assemble what you find in the fridge. If you prefer a guide, select the videos where there are chefs at work. To do it all yourself, watch the tutorials that only have images and music.

It’s up to you to choose the best way to learn to cook!

Cooking Classes with Facebook

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Now, there are pages and Facebook pages dedicated to gastronomy that offer easy recipes in the form of videos.

In general, the shots are close: focus on the hands of the cook and on the ingredients that he gradually adds. And always keep your kitchen clean. If you have issues, like a leaky faucet, don’t let rust happen. Be sure to have a local plumber help with whatever you need that you can’t handle.

Video Creation Method 

The video does not have a narrative voice, but music that accompanies them. They last on average, two minutes because they are accelerated. Therefore, they show the process and the result in a dense way. 

Easy Recipes 

Looking at delicious recipes, you want to leave the office and get in the kitchen. The ingredients used are the simple ones found in all pantries and refrigerators, from pasta to cheese to eggs. The mini cooking lessons on Facebook are ideal for those who want to prepare easy recipes. Facebook is very convenient for watching delicious and tasty recipes.

Quick Recipes 

The target audience is very varied: it is not only young people looking for quick recipes but also workers and professionals who at a flash decide what to prepare for dinner in the evening when returning from work. 

Best Knowing Pages 

The success of these cooking videos is so great that some receive millions of views, likes, comments, and share. When you make a new video of cooking and uploaded it on youtube, it lures the cooking lovers. Among the culinary pages on Facebook, the best known are Cucina Fanpage, Chefclub, and Piccole Ricette.

The Advantages & Disadvantages

A picture of food documentation.


● Easy recipes with ingredients accessible to everyone.

● Associations of original flavors

● Very inspiring videos that make your mouth water.


● With accelerated images, you have to pause to understand all the steps.

● Basic cooking techniques are not covered.

● The result does not always resemble that of the video.

Exclusive Recipes 

If you cannot afford dinner in the most expensive restaurants, at least you can steal the secrets of the star chef’s exclusive recipes thanks to the video lessons.


● Find various recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

● The chefs also explain some techniques such as cutting meat and fish.


● Some ingredients used are expensive and sought after.

● Preparations are not always suitable for beginners.

The beauty of the videos is that you can have fun while learning something.

These are not real cooking lessons because there are no cooking techniques courses. Rather, they are tips for making the best use of the ingredients and tools in the kitchen.

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